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A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply System) is a part of many emergency backup power systems. Data Centers, Hospitals, Government and Military Operations, as well as Businesses of all sizes rely on UPS systems to protect against utility power problems.

The failure of a UPS or Generator can bring devastating results to mission-critical facilities. Regular maintenance and testing, including the use of load banks, are vital to any operation. Power outages, power surges, brown-outs, and other power quality problems are all risks that can be well-managed with a good UPS System.

The system must be selected for the correct application, be properly installed and tested, and be properly maintained to insure it’s reliability. As many UPS systems are supported with Standby Generators, UPS performance problems can sometimes be hidden for months by the generator and extended periods of reliable utility power. Regular testing of the UPS to determine performance of sub-systems, like batteries, can help avoid unexpected system failure. Loadbanks of America offers AC and DC load bank rentals, providing customized solutions to many UPS Systems professionals.

Read the article Emergency Power: The ABCs Of UPS.

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