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The failure of critical systems in data centers (such as generators or UPS systems) is all too common and can be extremely devastating, even in facilities designed for high reliability. Facilities designed and built for high reliability must pay careful attention to electrical, cooling, and redundant power infrastructure. Regular load bank testing can keep your mission-critical data center back-up power operating as it should. For ideas on how to set up a routine maintenance, call one of our load bank specialists today.

For mission-critical facilities where uptime is expected, load bank testing of all power systems must be a vital component of the regular maintenance, in order to achieve dependable power and data protection. Even in highly successful mission-critical facilities, with elaborate fault-tolerant system design, intended to achieve the highest level of reliability in the industry, periodic testing and system verification is a must in order to reach maximum sustainability.

Loadbanks of America has experience in the deployment of load banks for data center commissioning, as well as ongoing maintenance and testing.

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