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Serving industries across North America, we understand the specialized needs of our customers, have the equipment you need, and the expertise to deliver complete solutions. From fully designed and managed projects to rental-equipment-only deployment, we are committed to your success and on your timeline.

24hr_logoServices include:
· Rental equipment selection and system design
· Project management support
· Freight coordination
· Delivery and installation
· Operations support
· 24/7 technical support and on-site operator service

Our premier service and technical expertise has helped us earn our reputation as the load bank specialists in the rental industry. We provide specialized rental solutions for the following fields:


Used in the testing of aircraft power systems, including DC generators, AC alternators, and power converter units, load banks are a crucial part of ensuring aircraft safety. The unique 400 hertz power systems require specially designed load banks for testing. Call for details on load banks specifically designed to be used… (more)

Alternative Power

Industry, academia, and government officials continue to invest heavily in alternative energy sources — ranging from solar and wind power to laser technology, hydrogen power, to bio-fuels, and algae oil…. (more)


Load bank testing of standby power systems during the commissioning process ensures that the completed system will operate as designed. Electrical engineers frequently deal with the legal and safety requirements of this process. To read more about the importance of this process… (more)

Data Centers

The failure of critical systems in Data Centers is all too common and can be extremely devastating. Facilities designed and built for high reliability must pay careful attention to electrical, cooling, and redundant power… (more)

Electrical Testing Services

Whether you’re considering buying your own load banks for the first time or you plan to add additional load banks to your fleet, let us offer you another alternative: Rent what you need today. You may know that purchasing load banks can be both expensive and time consuming, as well as inconvenient… (more)

Generator Systems

Generators are a key part of many industry backup power systems. Load banks are used to verify the power output from new generators once they are placed on location. Though generators are tested at the factory, it is still important to re-test the generator on site. Variables with… (more)

Facilities Management

Facilities managers are finding their work increasingly focused on proactive ways to avoid emergencies. We can help you proactively avoid emergencies while also maximizing your power systems so that you aren’t wasting energy. Improving your overall energy usage can help…(more)

Gas Turbines

Today, the demand for Power Only and CHP Turbines continues to grow. From industries like Food and Paper to Oil Recovery, Chemicals, and Refining, the technologies and efficiencies continue to make Turbine Generators a key part of many mid-sized markets. Load banks are… (more)


All hospitals must have an emergency power system management program that includes generator load testing, utility management, thorough power failure planning, emergency management and rigorous maintenance. In light of the increasing complexity of hospital infrastructures… (more)


Military power sources are required to pass rigorous load tests in order to meet code standards. Loadbanks of America is familiar with the process and can provide you with quality equipment that will ensure your system continues to meet those requirements. We offer rugged, weatherproof… (more)


Power testing in the mining industry can extend to cranes, trucks, standby generators, and other heavy-duty equipment. We have load banks specifically designed for these types of equipment. Call today for help determining which load bank you need… (more)

Mission-Critical 7×24 Operations

With technical support 7×24, we are here when you need us. Our extensive inventory and technical know-how can ensure that you avoid unexpected system failures. If you think it can’t happen to you, think again… (more)

Oil & Gas

Loadbanks of America offers quality equipment for the construction, commissioning, and integration phases on offshore platforms. Our experience in the oil and gas industry has helped us develop unique solutions to common load testing problems. Let us help you with… (more)


New ships are moving toward the Advanced Electrical Power Systems (AEPS) model. AEPS will convert virtually all shipboard systems to electric power, including even the most demanding systems, such as propulsion and catapults aboard aircraft carriers. With this shift, the quality and consistency… (more)


Our 21st Century world demands fast, broad, and reliable Telecommunications. This demand has an unspoken expectation for a sound electrical infrastructure as well. Regular electrical systems testing is necessary for businesses to experience the best level of system uptime and… (more)


A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply System) is a part of many emergency backup power systems. Data Centers, Hospitals, Government and Military Operations, as well as businesses of all sizes rely on UPS Systems to protect against utility power problems. The failure of a UPS or Generator can bring devastating results to… (more)

Utilities & Distributed Energy

The world of utility electrical power is both interesting and intriguing, and is an important part of every persons daily life. From centralized power plants and strategically located power distribution networks to the all important power transmission grid, our demand for reliable electrical utility… (more)

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