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New Avtron LPH400 portable load banks for sale. Spring special price: $11,995. Retail: $13,500

When the clock is ticking and you need immediate delivery, we can help. We specialize in load banks. Our extensive line of load banks and related products are in top condition, built by manufacturers well known in the industry, designed with features that make your job easier. Let our team of professionals help you assemble the system you need. We offer affordable rates for renting by the day, week, or month. Our fleet of equipment includes AC-DC, Resistive-Reactive and specialty load banks, as well as transformers, and power cables for rent or for sale. We have load banks built to handle a wide range of voltage and load requirements.

Rent our load banks when you need to test: Batteries, Rectifiers, Turbines, Fuel Cells, Inverters, Diesel Generators, Power Distribution Systems, Marine Power Systems, Power Plants, UPS, Wind and Solar.

Need help figuring out which load banks to use? Call the load bank specialists at: