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When you call us, here’s what we may ask you:

  • What are the technical requirements? (kW, voltage, phase, frequency, power factor, etc.)
  • What is the testing duration and testing sequence?
  • What type of equipment will be tested? (application)
  • Who will be performing the tests?
  • How will heat be dissipated? (vertical or horizontal)
  • What is the total distance between the equipment to be tested and the load banks?
  • Where will the units be delivered?
  • Do you need help with system design or operation?
  • What is the expected rental period? (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • What date will you require the load banks on site?

Call (877) 288-4482 to talk to one of our solution experts. If you prefer, you may answer these questions on our Quick Estimate page.

Helpful Power Conversions and Electrical Terminology

kW: Kilo Watts
kW = kVA x pf

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Load Banks of America provides load bank solutions across North America. Contact us to get a quote for your area.

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